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Let's talk about Cookies

You should be aware that when you access or use our content, products and services, we may collect information from your devices through the use of 'cookies' and similar technologies. Cookies perform various different functions, and often to improve your user experience. The purpose of this policy is to give you a clearer understanding of the cookies we use, why we use them and how you can control your cookies.

'Cookies' are small text files stored in your web browser that enable us to recognise your computer when you visit one of our websites. Cookies are essential to keep certain parts of our websites functioning correctly and securely. We also use them to make things quicker, easier and more personal to you, and to help us understand how our websites are used. They can also be used to present you with more tailored advertising content.

To do all of these things, cookies collect some personal information about you whenever you use our websites. You can choose whether to accept or reject some or all types of cookies and control this through your device's browser settings. We will make you aware of this by showing you our cookie banner when you visit our site. If you then continue to use our websites without adjusting your browser settings, we will use cookies as set out in the sections below, so to help you make an informed choice it's important to know why we use the different types of cookie and what that means for your online experience. This section provides you with a summary of the main points and tells you how switching off the different types of cookie will affect your experience on our websites.

The cookies we use fall into the following categories:
Strictly Necessary cookies: Making our websites work:

These Cookies are essential so that you can move around the sites and log in to the secure areas. They also enable us to deliver content in a way that works for your device.

Without these cookies you would be unable to place bets, play games or access your account so if you opt out of receiving these cookies, parts of our site will not work correctly and may not work at all.

A few examples of the ways in which we use strictly necessary cookies:

  • Allowing you to navigate smoothly through our websites;
  • Showing content in the best format for your device or browser and positioning it for your screen;
  • keeping you logged in during your visit so that you don't have to log in on every one of our websites each time you visit;
  • Enabling you to stream content without having to repeatedly adjust volume and viewing settings.
Cookies for Fraud and money laundering prevention and identifying unfair use of our services:

As a betting and gaming company we have certain legal obligations we need to abide by. One of those rules is that we must do everything we can to prevent fraud and money laundering. These Cookies help us to protect our customers and our business by ensuring that customers are genuine, haven't registered more than once, and are not fraudulently trying to access accounts that don't belong to them. They also help us to recognise behaviour that may indicate fraud, money laundering, other illegal activities or breaches of our terms and conditions. We use the 'iesnare' cookie for these purposes.

Without these cookies you will be unable to use our websites. If you do not wish to accept this type of cookie, your option will be to close your account and not use our services.

Functionality cookies: Enabling the features of the website:

These Cookies allow our websites to remember choices you have made, such as your user name, your region or the selections you have placed on your bet slip. They help us keep you logged into your account as you navigate around our websites, and enable you to use certain features such as resetting your PIN or user ID.

Without these cookies you will still be able to use the site but may experience difficulty using certain features, and will need to keep logging in as you navigate around our sites. You will not see content (including splash offers) that is relevant to you.

Analytical cookies - Monitoring the performance of our websites:

These Cookies collect information about how people use our websites and how the sites are performing, e.g. how many people visit, which pages are most popular and whether and where people see error messages. They also ensure we can pay our marketing partners correctly for users they refer to us. A few examples of the ways in which we use Analytical cookies:

  • to identify trends about how people use our website;
  • to help us keep our content relevant and up to date;
  • to count the number of times a page or email has been viewed and allow us to measure the effectiveness of our content and communication; and
  • to improve the functioning of our applications and websites.

Without these cookies you will still be able to use and enjoy all the online features of our websites

Targeting Cookies - Marketing & advertising:

These cookies are used to deliver adverts and content that are more relevant to you as well as to limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The Cookies remember that you have visited a website, and we share this information with other organisations for advertising purposes. We also use them to test and improve our products and services by, for example, testing out different product experiences with different groups of customers to see which is most popular

Without these cookies: You will be able to use and enjoy all the features of our websites but the adverts you see will not be tailored to your interests

Tracking Cookies: Online Behavioural Advertising

We use cookies placed by third parties to collect personal information about your browsing activity, which they then group with data about what other people with similar interests in similar demographic groups are looking at. The resulting information is used to show you online adverts based on those interests (this is known as 'online behavioural advertising').

We use a cookie placed by a company called Lotame to collect non-personal data that is used for online behavioural advertising. To opt out of the collection and use of data by Lotame in your browser (including a mobile browser if you have enabled third-party cookies), you can click here and follow the instructions provided. Your opt-out choice is applied only to the browser from which you make the choice, so if you use different browsers you will need to opt out in each one. This opt-out is cookie based, so if you delete your cookies, you will no longer be opted out and will need to opt out again.

Without these cookies: you will still be able to use and enjoy the features of our websites and you will still be presented with advertising but it is unlikely to be relevant to you.

If you would like to find out more information about Online Behavioural Advertising and the choices you have, the following websites are helpful:

Controlling my cookies

All modern browsers allow you to see what cookies you have, and to clear them individually or in their entirety by changing your cookie settings. Cookie settings are typically found in the 'options' or 'preferences' menu of your browser, otherwise you should use the 'Help' option in your browser for more details. You may also find the links below helpful:

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