How To Enter

Step 1
Log In
or if you're new to ITV7, register a free account
Step 2
7 Winners
Pick the winners of the seven races
Step 3
Win a Cash Prize
If the jackpot isn't won, then the top performer wins a consolation cash prize
  • How do I register and enter ITV7?

    To enter ITV7, you just need to log into or register a free Sky Games account. If you have a Sky Bet account, you can log in and enter ITV7 with those details. Similarly, if you have a Super 6, Fantasy Football or pre-existing Sporting Life Pick 7 account, you can log in and enter ITV7 with those details, too.

    If you need to register a new account, just click on the ‘Login/Register’ button. You’ll just need to supply a few details to allow us to contact you if you win any prizes.

  • Can I use my previous ITV7 account details?

    Unfortunately not; you’ll need to use an existing Sky Bet or other Sky Games account as outlined in ‘How do I register and enter ITV7’, or you’ll need to create a new account by hitting ‘Login/Register’.
  • Can I use my old Sporting Life Pick 7 account details?

    Yes! Your old Pick 7 account log in details will work for ITV7, so there’s no need to register a new account.
  • Can I use my Sky Bet account?

    Yes, your Sky Bet account will also work to enter ITV7. Similarly, if you have a Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, or Sky Bingo account, those will work, too.

    You can also use the same details that you enter Super 6 or Fantasy Football with.

  • How do I win ITV7?

    To enter ITV7, you’ll select 7 horses from the 7 races on a competition day and predict the winning distance of the final race in the round. If your 7 horses win, you’ll be eligible for the jackpot prize. If two or more entrants pick all 7 winners then the Tie Breaker will come into effect.

  • What is the tie breaker?

    At the end of your predictions, you will be asked a tie breaker question which you must answer in order to submit your entry. The question will require you to predict the winning distance in the final race of that round.

    The tie breaker will only come into effect in the instance where two or more players predict all 7 winning horses correctly, or are tied for the consolation prize.

    The player who has correctly predicted (or is closest to) the actual winning distance will win the prize. If two or more players predicted the correct (or closest) distance, they will share the prize.

  • What if one of my horses becomes a non-runner?

    If a horse you chose in your ITV7 entry becomes a non-runner, then we’ll assign you the SP favourite for that race. If there are joint SP favourites, we’ll assign you the joint SP favourite with the lowest racecard number.

    You have the opportunity to edit your entry and substitute any non-runners, provided you do so before the first race of ITV7 takes place. Just log in, view your entry, and choose ‘View/Edit Picks’.

  • What if there’s a dead heat in an ITV7 race?

    If there’s a dead heat, all horses involved in the dead heat will be considered winners for the purpose of the ITV7 competition.

  • What happens if one of the ITV7 races is abandoned or voided?

    If any ITV7 races are abandoned, postponed, or voided, then those races will no longer count towards the ITV7 competition and the jackpot prize amount will be amended accordingly.

    For broadcast competitions, if only 6 races take place in an ITV7 competition, the jackpot prize will be reduced to £5000. For five races, it’s £1000, and for 4 or fewer races the competition is cancelled.

    If an ITV7 competition comprises of 5 or fewer races, then the consolation prize is not available.

    For details of the rules applying to non-broadcast competitions, please see the terms and conditions here.

  • What happens if nobody picks all 7 winners?

    If at the completion of an ITV7 competition, no entrant has picked all 7 winners, then there’s a competition consolation prize of £1,000 for broadcast competitions, or £100 for non-broadcast competitions, for the best performing entrant. The best performing entrant is identified as follows, ranked in descending order:

    • 6 wins, 1 placed
    • 6 wins, 0 placed, 1 unplaced
    • 5 wins, 2 placed
    • 5 wins, 1 placed, 1 unplaced
    • 5 wins, 0 placed, 2 unplaced
    • 4 wins, 3 placed
    • 4 wins, 2 placed, 1 unplaced
    • 4 wins, 1 placed, 2 unplaced
    • 4 wins, 0 placed, 3 unplaced
    • 3 wins, 4 placed
    • 3 wins, 3 placed, 1 unplaced
    • 3 wins, 2 placed, 2 unplaced
    • 3 wins, 1 placed, 3 unplaced
    • 3 wins, 0 placed, 4 unplaced

    If there are no entrants who picked all 7 winners, and no entrants who picked 6 winners with 1 placed horse, then the best performance would be deemed a record of 6 winners and 1 unplaced, and so on.

    In any tied best performing entrant situation, the Tie Breaker will come into effect.

  • Where can I find the full ITV7 competition terms & conditions?

    For full terms and conditions, click here.

  • My question isn’t answered here, where can I get further assistance?

    If you require further assistance you can email Sky Games Customer Services at

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